Muzzleloader and Shotgun Scopes

CVA AA2002 Universal 3-9x 32mm Obj FOV 1" Tube Black


RRP$82.88 $67.21

The Konushot riflescopes are designed as a great choice for shooters who are looking for an inexpensive yet dependable instrument, as well as they are supremely suited as "first scopes" for every beginner sportsman. The zoom models are ideal for...

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Cva Aa2005 Universal 3-9X 40Mm Obj Fov 1" Tube Black


RRP$123.73 $100.82

Off the heels of a successful partnership with CVA, a true leader in the muzzleloading industry, Konus has a line of riflescopes with a ballistic reticle that is especially designed for muzzleloaders. The Konuspro-275 models help to remove the guesswork...

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